Creative, Production & Research

Creative, Production & Research

The Message Bureau offers a highly qualified creative & production team through its partner 'Beatwave'.
Concepts, design and production for:


Web & Online

Video & TVC

Press, Print & Magazine

Brand ID

B2B Presentation

Outdoor & Point of Sale

Perception Audits

The Message Bureau's suite of services includes targeted Perception Audits which are an effective tool for gaining an understanding of existing awareness and perception of a company/organisation among key stakeholders/customers.

Interviews are conducted with an agreed list of relevant stakeholders, with the audit results used to:

  • Inform the development of a Communications & Stakeholder Management strategy
  • Assist with the development of key messages
  • Provide a robust swat analysis
  • Identify target audiences



The Message Bureau offers a highly qualified research team through its partner 'Beatwave'. Services include qualitative and quantitative consumer and social research through the employment of a range of new and traditional methodologies, including: focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, design clinics, ethnographic studies, online, postal, face-to-face and phone surveys.
Our team offers full data analysis and reporting, which then informs planning and strategic development.