Communications & Engagement

Communications & Engagement


Communications Strategy

The Message Bureau takes an integrated approach to the building and delivery of a Communications Strategy, tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. The Message Bureau delivers results by ensuring the right message is delivered to the right audience using the most-effective techniques.

Our consultants bring together a suite of communications tools to ensure a consistent and effective approach to engaging with audiences, both internal and external, and that may include a mix of:

• research                                      

• public relations

• stakeholder engagement         

• issues management.

• campaigning                              

• advertising                              



The Message Bureau specialises in the development and implementation of campaigns that connect with your target audience, whether that's government, community, membership or stakeholder based.

Our campaign team, led by Managing Director Nicole Haack, has a strong track record in delivering campaigns that successfully: 

Educate, Inform & Engage

Bringing together a suite of carefully chosen communication tools and strategies, our campaign team builds effective campaigns that deliver on agreed outcomes and objectives.

Issues & Crisis Management

The Message Bureau has extensive experience in issues and crisis management, assisting clients to navigate a path through an incident or unplanned event that has the potential to cause significant reputational and brand damage.

Our team of highly experienced advisers:

The Message Bureau advocates a pro-active approach to issues and crisis management, working with our clients to develop and implement strategies that minimise risk and provide a defined pathway through potentially difficult scenarios.



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